extra information

What is your set up requirements?

We require plug in power for our bar fridge, lights and our neon, If there is no access to power just let us know prior so we can come prepared.

We need to be certain that we can easily get Miss Fizz into the space and that we have a flat surface to work on prior to booking us. If you aren’t sure, please let us know so that we can come by and see the space prior to the event (This may incur a small charge depending on distance)

Miss Fizz dimensions:
Height: 2.5m
Width: 2m
Length: 2.5m

If you have a preferred spot you would like us to set up, you can send us a site map, however this may change on the day depending on accessibility and location of the power source. We need to be sure we are serving from a safe and comfortable space.


What is included?

If you are having a Drinks Package we will bring everything we require including ice and biodegradable flutes, we will ensure we have our drinks chilled prior to arrival, as we have limited fridge space, we would recommend a cool room if it is a large event, especially for a Wedding.

If you are selecting a BYO Package, we need drinks to be pre-chilled, so that we can serve right away. If you are having more than 50 guests we recommend a cool room, nobody likes a warm drink! We also have ice buckets so we will require ice. We will bring biodegradable flutes to serve wine from, we prefer to serve Beer/Cider from cans.

We can use your glassware if you prefer, however there will need to be a washing area available or enough glassware so we won’t run out during the event.  We are eco friendly and prefer not to serve from plastic.

How much time do you require to set up?

It really depends on the Event and will be different case by case. Generally, one hour either side is enough, however we like to give ourselves more time to set up if you have any Styling/Grazing and especially if It’s a Wedding or if it’s a venue/property we haven’t been to before.


Where can you trade?

Our licence allows us to trade from an unlicensed space, we like private property, warehouses or spaces that don’t already have a bar. We have preferred spaces that we can trade from in and around Melbourne and Geelong. Events held on public dry zones / parks and council properties, will require permission from the local council, If you need assistance with this we are happy to help.


What If I don’t like Prosecco?

Hey it happens, we won’t hold that against you! We stock The Hill wines, Furphy & Flying Brick cans, even Mulled Wine! If you have a preference just let us know and chances are we can get it!


What happens with the rubbish?
Rubbish bins must be supplied onsite by either the client or the venue so that we can collect and clear empty bottles throughout the event. Please ensure they are getting emptied when they need to, we will collect empty bottles in our van and once it gets full we will need a bin to empty into. Due to weight restrictions, we can’t take away empties or rubbish with us.


Do you hire out the van on its own?

We prefer not to as we like to make sure It’s kept clean and It’s safe. We can hire out the van on a BYO option for $200 an hour and this includes 1 Bartender to serve a limited amount of drinks of your choice. This option is best for Baby Showers or Photo Shoots.


What drinks can you serve on the BYO option?

As we are working in a small area and have limited fridge space we can serve up to 3 white/sparkling wines, 2 red wines & 4 soft drink varieties.

We can serve cocktails at $3 per head & spirits at $2 per head.


Can your staff help out with serving our guests?

We sure can! Our staff are highly trained and can help with food service, washing up & table service. This will need to be organised prior to the event and will cost $40 per hour per staff member.


How does your travel fee’s work?

We charge a travel fee to cover cost of petrol and time on the road, our travel fee’s start from $50 for delivery on the Bellarine Peninsula and go up to $250 to Melbourne. We can travel anywhere else in Victoria and the travel fee will be determined on distance.


If there is anything that we haven’t covered please don’t hesitate to get in touch or call Casey on 0400 785 737.